With recent rains and summer here, be sure to protect your animals by having your yard sprayed for fleas and ticks. If your home is already being overrun by fleas, call us today for a full flea treatment. This treatment consists of an initial interior treatment aimed to prevent further reproduction and an exterior treatment. We will then follow up with a second interior spray to wipe out any survivors. .


Rodents can be a more than just a nuisance as they can carry and spread disease. At EPC we can provide a proven method of eliminating rodents from your home or business. We understand that not all situations are the same, therefore we have both chemical and non-chemical solutions for your rodent problem.


Don't see what you're having trouble with? No problem, from animal removal to bird control we offer specialized solutions for unique pest issues. Call us today to setup a consultation and let us relieve you of any unwanted pests in your life.

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Proper mosquito control begins with prevention. Homeowners can do their part by installing proper drainage to eliminate low standing water nearby. For areas where standing water is unavoidable, EPC treats with larvicide to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing. For pesky mosquitoes flying around at night call us to ask about our fogging system and yard sprays to destroy nests.